Insurance discounts for Teachers, Police, Firefighters and Public Service Employees

California Heritage Insurance Services

Serving those that serve us


Not all hero’s wear capes but we know who’s shaping our future. We offer multiple money saving options for teachers and education professionals.


You put in 100% and you are there when we need you. Let us say thank you by providing you great coverage at a lower rate.


You’re in the business of protecting your communities. Let us protect you from risk. We understand that you have little time to shop auto insurance. Let us do it for you and at a great rate you deserve.

You may not know it but you may be one of the least praised hero’s of our communities. Where would we be without you? Most of your victories are never seen. They are never heard about. Sometimes it may seem like a thankless job but you push on.

You protect our children. You hold their hands. We depend on you to show us the way and to keep us safe. Your biggest reward is knowing you make a difference.

California Heritage Insurance Services salutes our local hero’s. We know we could never be us, without you. We have built a network with Insurance Companies ready to give back, the way you always have. We offer discounts up to 40% on Home and Auto Insurance that only you qualify for.

Some of the discounts you may qualify for are:

  • Discounts for Teachers, Firefighters and Police
  • College graduate discount
  • Service professional discount
  • Allumni Discount
  • Defensive driver course discount

These discounts can also be paired with discounts any could qualify for such as:

  • Home and Auto Discount
  • Multi policy discount
  • Multi car discount and more

Most of our public service customers realize discounts 15-20% higher than the average driver.

You take care of whats important to us, Let us take care of whats important to you.

California Heritage Insurance Services. We’re in it together

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