You’re a great driver.Why aren’t you getting great rates?

So, on paper everything looks great. You’ve collected all your documents and emailed your driver and truck schedule to an agent with a brief explanation of the coverage you need. A day or two passes and you still don’t have a quote. Finally, an email from the agent but it doesn’t contain a quote. Just more questions. What went wrong?! You’re a great business why aren’t you getting great prices?!?

Well, here’s what’s stopping you from getting the best rates.

1. You haven’t given enough information.

-Insurance agents are at the mercy of the underwriter. The underwriter holds the key that opens the door to the best companies.

-With limited information the underwriter may not trust you, or may not trust the insurance agent as he may not be doing his job- collecting information.

-The underwriter may feel like you are hiding something. “Why didn’t he give me more info? What is he trying to hide?”

-We’ve all made mistakes in the past and the underwriter will find them. You cannot sweep them under the rug. This is his job. When shopping for a new insurance company you need to be explaining why the past is the past and the first step is coming clean about any mistakes. Often times you will have a really good explanation that will suffice.

2. You have not inspired the underwriter to compete for your business.

-You’re agent may be trying to sell you insurance when he should be selling you to the underwriter.

– When you send in your info, you are just a name and some numbers on a piece of paper. A good agent will “humanize” you to make the underwriter want to help you.

-Don’t be afraid to provide the agent with the best quote you’ve received. Showing the underwriter you have options and that his competition is willing to insure you makes you seem desirable. He we work harder if he can steal business away from the competition.

I know it goes against everything you believe in to show your hand to an insurance agent but it just might work in your favor. Insurance agents want your business and will do everything in their power to win it. It’s the underwriter who will reject you.

It is just as much of a shock to me as an insurance agent when the underwriter tells me about something the client did not and when they ask me for an explanation I literally have no idea what to say to them and that’s the end of your great prices.

The underwriter will do everything to protect their best insurance carriers from bad clients. At this point he will most likely provide you with a quote from a non-standard company who specializes in hard-to-place risks.

My name is Daniel Zuniga and I have spent much time with my underwriters learning what gets good clients bad prices. I can properly represent you to underwriters to unlock those companies and their great rates. If you would like to work with an agent who will take your information and present the good, the bad, and the ugly in the best light possible, enter your contact info below or please visit our website at

You deliver the goods and I deliver the prices.

Thanks for reading.